Our Staff

The support staff at Harvey & Mahoney is small but strong, very experienced and capable.

Gail Hutzley has been a paralegal for many years, working with Atty. Patricia Murphy at Raimo and Murphy, PA. She joined Harvey & Mahoney in 2014, bringing many years of experience and knowledge of family law. She is a knowledgeable, kind, and empathetic resource for our clients.

Victoria Farren is our paralegal and office administrator. She provides clerical and organizational support to all three attorneys, and manages the billing and bookkeeping process for the whole office. Victoria has her associates degree from Hesser College, and has been a stalwart pillar of the office since 1987.

Gail and Victoria are here to help our clients. Although they cannot give legal advice, they can help to facilitate clients’ communications, appointments, questions, and are a great resource for stress reduction. Clients will always find a sympathetic ear and a kind word from our devoted and hard-working assistants.