Commendations from Clients

“My attorney was excellent. She did everything to get what is owed to me. She even went beyond and put things on paper that I didn’t think of. Any time I had a question Marilyn was always there with an answer on the phone, email, or in person. She was wonderful!”

“It has been a tough two years, but I have come to a good place – with plenty of support from my lawyer. I figured you might want to hear a happy ending (or maybe that should read ‘happy beginning’??).”

“I never thought I would have been represented by such an incredible attorney. With your representation I was able to find hope and strength during a difficult time. Words cannot express how much the fact that you and your entire work family simply cared has meant to me.”

“Thanks to Campbell, which is not a soup, although what she is made of has made me better and given me a chance at a new life. What are her ingredients? Conmpassion, understanding and lots of support. Her fairness and knowledge of the law alongt with her integrity can lead you through the most difficult legal problems. The staff that works with her go far beyond what they call their job. They give a new meaning to the word support. The chance I’ve been given could only be achieved by “The Power of Campbell”.