Collaborative Process

       The Collaborative Practice process begins with an agreement among the parties and their lawyers, who are Collaboratively Trained Professionals, not to go to court. You, your lawyer, the other party, and the other party‚Äôs lawyer, sign a written contract which obligates all of you to a series of meetings in which you will work creatively to arrive at agreements outside of the court process. This agreement engenders commitment to reaching a solution because, in the event the Collaborative Process breaks down, the parties must find new attorneys to represent them in the litigation process. Although the Collaborative Process is not right for everyone, it works in situations in which the parties want to respectfully resolve their differences without the threat of Court intervention. We at Harvey, Mahoney & Bakis, PLLC are Collaborative Practitioners, extensively trained in the Collaborative Process, and dedicated to guiding you through this unique and highly effective alternative resolution process.