Mediation is a process during in which the parties to a dispute meet with a neutral, specially trained, third party who acts as a facilitator to help resolve the disputed issues. The parties can choose to attend mediation with or without legal representation. The mediation process works when both parties are committed to working cooperatively, with full transparency and with the goal of achieving a mutually agreeable solution, recognizing that it will not be “perfect” for either party. We, at Harvey, Mahoney & Bakis, PLLC have extensive mediation experience and are available to help guide you through your mediation, whether you just need assistance with developing a mediation strategy, or prefer to have legal representation throughout the entire mediation process. 

     We also provide mediation services to couples desiring to avoid litigation and to utilize more collaborative law arrangements when appropriate and desirable. Though we cannot provide legal advice to either party during a mediation, we are committed to helping the clients see and appreciate the big picture and to help them work together to make decisions that work for them as individuals and as part of a restructured family.