"Attorney Gail Bakis helped guide me through a very difficult time in my life. She made an awful situation manageable with all her support, advice, smiles, and constant communication. Her knowledge of the law and its process was very impressive. She was very attentive to my personal needs and I am so glad she was on my side".


      "I want to share with you what an exceptional and outstanding job Attorney Gail Bakis has done in representing my divorce case. I can't say enough good words on how pleased I am with her abilities. A few examples of her excellent performance would be her crisp, clear, concise, accurate, and timely letter communications to the opposing Attorney, her quick follow-up, her support in court, and most of all her tenacious spirit to hang in there when the going got rough during mediation.

     Overall, Gail Bakis is a very smart lawyer and I would bet the things I've stated are not news to you or anyone in your organization. Even though my case is almost over pending the distributions of the proceeds from the QDRO, properties liquidation, etc., Attorney Bakis continues to represent me at the highest standard possible and continues to exceed my expectations".



     "Divorce is a devastating, time consuming, expensive experience to go through. Nevertheless, for anyone in need of an excellent, aggressive, knowledgeable attorney, I would highly recommend Gail Bakis". 



     "Gail Bakis represented me throughout a very tedious and difficult child custody litigation and relocation process.  Gail is  kind, intelligent, and wise, whose strong sense of integrity and genuine concern for her client was evident in every interaction I had with her.  Gail kept me well informed, and was unfailingly patient with my concerns and sensitive to my situation.  I always felt that her defense upheld my best interests and that of my child.  Gail maintained the highest standards of ethical legal practice, allowing her impressive knowledge, broad experience, and sound judgment to win the day.  I felt confident and blessed that Gail was there to defend me, and I would recommend her services to others without reservation".  


     "Gail is a tireless worker who is willing to put in long hours to make sure that no stone is left unturned. Over the years that I have worked with her, she has proved time and time again to be willing to do the research, to comb through the paperwork and legal precedent to make sure that the right path is taken. Gail provides a firm lead – and is extremely knowledgeable – but she is also open to any input I might want to contribute. She is a straight-shooter who explains things clearly so that I am informed enough to make the best decisions along the way.

     Situations that necessitate the use of an attorney are, by their very nature, extremely trying. When it comes to all things legal, you want to know you’re in competent, dependable hands. I hired Gail to provide guidance during an emotional and confusing time, to negotiate the legal waters and ensure that I would emerge with the best possible outcome. She did just that. Gail is professional, diligent, and strong, yet kind and caring – exactly the kind of advocate to have in your corner".



     "Gail has a thorough understanding of the law and gave me excellent guidance. She answered all my questions promptly with clarity and she made me feel comfortable in a difficult situation".



     "Gail Bakis represented me during my divorce and I recommend her highly.  Gail understands what is important to her clients.  Chief among her many strengths is the ability to recognize individual priorities and maintain a tight focus toward accomplishing them.  I believe that I was able to minimize the impact of my divorce on my children largely due to Gail's counsel, and her willingness to adopt a "kid's first" viewpoint as a guiding principle in our effort.  Gail has a keen feel for the ebb and flow of the lengthy process that is divorce; she knows when to compromise and when to stand firm.  I can recall several instances where Gail recommended minor compromises on secondary priorities that yielded favorable results for my greater priorities.  

     Although my divorce was not technically "collaborative," we did achieve our goal of settling without going to court, and I attribute this to Gail's ability to adopt a collaborative tone despite the contentious nature of the process.  For me, it was important to avoid the hearings, confrontation and tension that is inherent in the divorce process, and which is the main source of stress on children during the proceedings; Gail understood this from day one, and despite the inevitable flash-points and friction that arise while discussing the issues of money and parenting time, we were able to achieve a reasonable outcome that aligned well with my priorities.  Although enduring a divorce was not pleasant, I was glad to have someone with the intellectual and legal horsepower of Gail Bakis in my corner, and I believe that she helped me to achieve the best possible outcome for my case".                 

     -John E.  

     "I would highly recommend Gail Bakis for your legal representation. Gail Bakis is a calm, empathetic and experienced lawyer. The calm, no nonsense approach that she brought to my case gave me a sense of order and security that we were doing everything in our power moving forward. As much as she was all business, Gail was empathetic and listened well, and I felt she truly understood and cared as we moved through the process. With her experience Gail was able to give me an honest and realistic idea of what to expect not only from the process but from the courts. Sometimes this might not have been what I wanted to hear but I trusted her to guide me through, and it helped focus my decision making. As difficult as it all was I don't think my case could have gone any smoother and I could not have been better prepared or represented. My family and I are literally grateful everyday for all her hard work and the positive final outcome(s) we achieved".  


     "Family Law is complicated and emotional. I had a very difficult case an Attorney Bakis was dedicated, reliable, honest and compassionate. Maintaining effective communication with her clients is top priority. Even when I had just a simple questions, it was answered quickly and with kindness and understanding. In the office and the courtroom, she is well organized, and very attentive to details. Throughout my custody trial, Attorney Bakis never wavered and her educational background and experience in the courtroom were remarkable. I cannot compliment Attorney Bakis enough for all her hard work and expertise exhibited during my custody case".