Legal Resources

       An educated client is an empowered client.  Here are some helpful resources  for you to use to educate yourself and to gain useful insight about the process. 


       The New Hampshire court system has its own web site that provides a wealth of information,  as well as forms that are frequently used in family law matters.  Go to There you will find links to the Circuit Court and further links to specific types of family law cases, including divorce, domestic violence, child support, guardianships, adoption, and other areas.  You will also find fill-in-the-blank forms with some explanations.


       If Collaborative Law is of interest to you, you will find a more detailed explanation of this unique method of resolving family disputes at the web site for the Collaborative Law Alliance of New Hampshire.  Go to


       A basic child support calculator is available on the State of New Hampshire web site at This handy tool can provide a rough estimate of the amount of child support one can expect to pay or receive. A word of caution: There are many variables, and many different rules apply, so you are always well-advised to get legal advice before agreeing to any amount of child support.     


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